[Video 381] Alexandra Leisse: Developers, start designing!

Developers often complain that designers don’t understand software — and that their lack of understanding leads to all sorts of problems. If only designers would start to program, they would finally understand what’s involved, and it would be so much easier to speak and work with them. In this talk, Alexandra Leisse turns the tables, saying that it would also behoove developers to learn to design. If only developers would learn, understand, and internalize design principles, it would be easier to work with them — and most importantly, the users of the software would benefit greatly. She dismisses several myths about design, such as that designers are born, not made, and offers numerous suggestions for how developers can increase their understanding of design, and their sensitivity to the user experience. If you’re a software designer who is either dismissive of design or in awe of it, this talk should provoke you into learning more about it, for everyone’s benefit.

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