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[Video 373] Erika Heidi: Getting Ready for PHP 7

PHP is one of the most popular languages for Web development, Many programmers think that PHP has gone out of favor for serious applications — but remember that WordPress powers a huge proportion of the Web, and it’s written in PHP. (Plus, you have companies such as Facebook that are using languages related to PHP.)  PHP 7 includes a huge number of optimizations and language improvements. If you’re a PHP developer, then you’ll definitely want to watch Erika Heidi‘s talk, in which she describes the changes included in this latest version,

Stefan Priebsch: HHVM, the new PHP?

The PHP language has existed for quite some time, and has been used on large sites such as Yahoo and Facebook. However, the performance of PHP isn’t as good as compiled languages, such as C++. The Hip Hop Virtual Machine (HHVM) is a new implementation of PHP has been providing very good performance at Facebook, giving users what appears to be the best of both worlds — easy development and high performance. In this talk, Stefan Priebsch introduces HHVM.