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[Video 317] Dan Quan: Policing and Pairing: An Unlikely Preparation

Pair programming is a technique about which we hear a great deal. But how do you prepare someone to pair-program? How does someone learn to deal with the inevitable disagreements and relative strengths and weaknesses? Dan Quan is not just a software developer, but also a former policeman. In this talk, he describes how police work provided an excellent introduction to how pairing can and should work. How do you divide labor between partners?  How can (and should) you depend on your pair?  What do you communicate to your pair before you start work for the day?  If you are interested in pairing, then this talk should help you to prepare better and to understand what’s involved.

[Video 225] Joe Moore: I Have Pair Programmed for 27,000 Hours

Pair programing is widely viewed as a boon to code quality and better understanding. What is it like to pair program? What is like to pair with many different people? What techniques work best, and what should we avoid? In this talk, experienced pair programmer Joe Moore answers questions about pairing, and how you can use it to your benefit (and the benefit of your employer and/or clients).

[Video 177] Derek Prior: Implementing a Strong Code-Review Culture

When you mention the term “code review” to many developers, they assume that it’s a chance to criticize them, to tell them how their code stinks, or that it’s riddled with bugs.  But code review can and should been seen as a chance for both participants in the process to learn from one another. In this talk, Derek Prior describes how a code-review session can become helpful and encouraging, rather than critical and frustrating.  Sure, there might be conflicts — but if the developers focus on the code, rather than the personal issues, then the code and the developers participating in the code review can all benefit.