[Video 178] Guido van Rossum: Type Hints

Since it was first introduced in 1992, Python has been a dynamically typed language. In other words, any variable can point to any object in Python; there’s no such thing as an “integer variable” or a “string variable.”  On the one hand, proponents of dynamic typing say that it’s a great thing  — but on the other hand, many people working on large projects have pointed to the drawbacks of dynamic typing, and have long wanted at least some type-checking to come to Python.  At this year’s PyCon, Python BDFL Guido van Rossum announced a new direction for Python, which signals a move, slowly and cautiously, in the direction of type checking for Python. What does this mean for existing code? What does it mean for the future of Python? If you’re a Python developer — or even if you’re using another dynamic language — it’s worth hearing from Guido has to say on this topic.

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