[Video 320] Allison Lacker: How I learned Django while working at Eventbrite

Many programmers get degrees in computer science, and then go on to work at high-tech companies. But the odds of you arriving at your first job (or any subsequent job) knowing everything that you need to do your work are pretty slim; you’re going to need to learn many different technologies in order to be a productive team member. Companies thus expect that you’ll need to learn, and allocate training budgets for developers. But even if you’re not taking a formal class, you’ll need to learn, on the job, many of the things that you’ll need. In this talk, Allison Lacker describes what she learned, and how she learned it, while working on a Django project at Eventbrite. What attitudes, habits, and interactions with her coworkers helped her to succeed? And what roadblocks did she hit along the way? All of us need to keep learning, and this talk describes one way that we can do this.

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