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Welcome to Daily Tech Video!

I love to learn. As a consultant,  developer, and trainer, I have to learn; there is no way to succeed in this field without keeping up with the latest updates and changes.

Fortunately, the Internet has made it possible for anyone, from anywhere, to share with others. You can share slides, videos, books, blog posts, and the like.  Indeed, I used to feel that I was missing out on many of the excellent conferences taking place — but now I feel that I can attend many excellent conferences, as well as benefit from a huge number of other tutorials that have been uploaded to YouTube and other video sites.

This site is intended to provide you with a daily video lesson, teaching you something new and interesting about technology. Often, it’ll be about the technologies that I know and use every day, which are typically in the open-source world. But just as often, I’ll try to offer videos about technologies that are outside of my comfort zone, but which stimulate me to learn and understand more.  I also expect that there will be some fun and amusing videos, which will not be of direct technological benefit, but which will still offer a great deal of value and fun.

I can’t guarantee that you will enjoy all of these videos, but hope that you will find most of them useful and beneficial.  Your comments will make it easier to know what is useful and interesting.

I cannot do this myself, and invite you, dear reader, to suggest videos that might be of interest to me and to others. You can always reach me at, or post a comment here on the blog.