Alp Toker: Clang — Re-inventing the Compiler

Everyone who uses a computer benefits from high-quality C and C++ compilers. For many years, the standard open-source compiler was GCC. But in the last few years, a new set of a compilers have become popular. You might have heard the terms “LLVM” and “Clang,” for example. But what are these technologies? How are they different from GCC and other compilers? What benefits to they provide? And what is their future?

In this talk, Alp Toker describes Clang, a modern C, C++, and Objective-C compiler. How is it different from its predecessors, and what advantages does it give to programmers using it? Even if you’re a user of dynamic, high-level languages, this talk gives a good introduction and overview of the architecture of a compiler, and the considerations that go into its writing and maintenance.

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