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Colton Myers: Decorators —A Powerful Weapon in your Python Arsenal

Python’s decorators allow you to intercept the definition or execution of a function (or class), and to inject or replace the code with your own. This talk, by Colton Myers, introduces this powerful technique, stepping through its syntax and use in different ways. He also demonstrates use of the wrapt library, which makes it easier and cleaner to create decorators.

Mary Rose Cook: Live-coding a JavaScript game from scratch

How difficult is it to program in-browser graphical games using JavaScript? I assume that it’s not that hard in theory, but that it will actually be difficult in practice. Mary Rose Cook wants to disabuse me (and us) of the thought that it’s hard to do, and in order to do that, she implements a Space Invaders game, in JavaScript, over the course of a single 30-minute talk.